Slaughter & Hide Process Equipment


Used in the animal…

  • This machine is used to remove the hide in a downward pulling motion.
  • It pulls the hide from the tail area down along the back and finally over the head.
  • The two main operations of the machine are controlled via metered hydraulic pedals.
  • The drum is rotated by a hydraulic motor and the main carriage is moved up and down by two hydraulic cylinders (one mounted on either side) actuating simultaneously.
  • The hide puller incorporates its own stainless steel stands complete with built in apron washes, knife/whizzer sterilisers drip trays and drainage system
  • Both the hydraulic power unit and electrical control panel are built onto the machine frame meaning only electrical power and air supplies are required from the customer.
  • The chains detach themselves from the hide automatically when the drum is unrolled.
  • This machine is hydraulically powered.