Fabricated Safey Products


The SSO line of warehouse safety products is designed to protect the people, structures and products in your warehouse.  One of the major sources of damage is the powerful forklifts that many use to do the work of the warehouse.  Bluff provides all types of safety barriers, some of which are even rated to take the blows from these powerful vehicles while protecting the people and structures in your facility.  We also have a host of products to help create safe walking lanes for your personnel.



Maintenance Platforms

Mobile maintenance platforms are manufactured from stainless steel, steel, or aluminum, are OSHA compliant, and can be configured for just about any industrial or maintenance applications. Platforms can be built and modified to meet your requirements. SSO, LLC designs and manufactures specialty custom work stands and platforms for an unlimited number of industries, including: aerospace, aviation Continue Reading

Custom Fabricated Catwalks

Catwalks from SSOl meet OSHA specifications and are manufactured for each unique application. Our proprietary long span extruded aluminum catwalk design simplifies construction and installation, and provides easy integration of add-ons including stairs, railings, gates, ladders, platforms, and catwalk landings. All catwalks can be manufactured from stainless steel, steel, or aluminum.       OSHA Continue Reading

Custom Fabricated Stairs

Stairs from SSO are manufactured in standard and custom configurations for industrial platforms, catwalks, mobile maintenance, and other access solutions. Available with a variety of options and stair tread types including diamond plate, bar grate, fiberglass, Antislip plank style treads, open and closed back risers, SSOl stairs are OSHA compliant. A Fixed Ladder is a non-self-supporting Continue Reading

Custom Crossovers Stairs & Platforms

The crossover ladder was originally designed to clear conveyor belts for foot traffic. We offer designs in many sizes to clear obstacles of various heights and lengths. When placed at the most advantageous location, the crossover ladder is highly rated for promoting workplace safety. Our crossover stairs are constructed from the highest grade aluminum or Continue Reading

Custom Fabricated Ladders

Our engineering staff provides technical support in the design of ladder and platform systems. These systems may be constructed from a variety of materials as well as a wide range of decking, railing, and ladder configurations. Fall arrestor systems, cages, landings and gates can be combined to provide safe maintenance access solutions. Professional engineering services Continue Reading

Custom Fabricated Safety Railings

Regardless of the type or style of metal stairs or handrails you need, we have the experience and knowledge to provide it. We custom fabricates to your specifications. Whether you need Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Fiberglass or a special Alloy, we are your ONE STOP shop. At SSO LLC, we’ve worked with Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, and Architectural markets Continue Reading