Custom Fabricated Safety Railings


Regardless of the type or style of metal stairs or handrails you need, we have the experience and knowledge to provide it. We custom fabricates to your specifications. Whether you need Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Fiberglass or a special Alloy, we are your ONE STOP shop.

At SSO LLC, we’ve worked with Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, and Architectural markets serving, Engineering Firms, other Structural fabricators and Contractors.

Give us your requirements for Surface Preparation (SP2,3,6 or 10), Welding (Types 1 through IV), and Finish (Prime paint, finish paint, powder coat, anodize, brushed, satin) and we’ll quote and fabricate accordingly.

Our skilled personnel are dedicated to providing you with a quality product on schedule and within budget.

Representative products we’ve fabricated include:

  • Architectural Stairs and Rails
  • Custom Ornamental Stairs and Rails
  • Custom Metal Stairs and Rails
  • Metal Picket Rails


  • Grating Stairs
  • Metal Pipe Rails
  • Metal Safety Guards
  • Custom Platforms and Supports